Thick Business Cards

Order your thick business cards with our simple online ordering system

Do you need to spread the word about your business? Perhaps you have an event coming up and need to invest in business cards? Whether you’ve started a brand-new business or have recently rebranded, a business card is an effective way to gain enquiries and get your brand out there.

Long gone are the days where you simply put a telephone number on the card. A business card is now a major marketing tool, and for many it is the only way to demonstrate the quality of your organisation. If your business is robust, well designed and remarkable then your card should be too. At the least it needs to include your mobile number, Facebook details and Twitter handle. And all of this can be captured in a QR code to link straight to a contacts database. If you’re looking to invest in business cards for your company, we are here to help.

At Carfax Print Ltd we can give you complete flexibility thanks to our unique online system. We’ll install a bespoke site for your business, so you have a platform that allows you to create, proof and manage your print requirements.

Offering an automated workflow and secure platform, you’ll have complete control over the products that you buy from us.

Whether you’re looking for business cards that are duplexed, embossed, foil printed or die stamped, we can work with your orders both large and small.