State of the art digital printers enable us to print at the highest standards and fast, for orders large and small.

Speedy Delivery

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Speed is all about efficient process, not flapping about. When you place an order online, it goes straight to the press without anyone having to touch it. That way we can print even your complex, raised print in a matter of hours.


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Daily, tracked deliveries all over the world, with the option of online payments.

High-end digital printing is a marvel of control and efficiency. The ink contains tiny electrically charged colour particles that are steered into the pattern on a soft thermal blanket, then transferred to paper to match the best conventional print.

Why digital?

Digital offers the power of short runs printed instantly. Carfax uses seven colour Indigo technology which allows us to match your colours precisely and to print on almost any paper or card, and even on clear film. The complex system is designed to produce an end result that looks exactly like the very best conventional print, but without the wait. So where consistent colour, speed and flexible quantities are vital, digital printing is ideal.

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