Schools and Colleges

End of term is busy enough, without the extra workload of organising calendars and the like for next term. We understand this; just send us lists of events, and we will put it all together for you.

Carfax staff are helpful and patient. They are accommodating when discussing deadlines which, typically for a school, can be very tight in terms of turnaround. When the design portion of a recent project took less time than was expected, they even reduced their quote!

Sarah O’Brien, Registrar, Dorset House

Speedy Delivery

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Speed is all about efficient process, not flapping about. When you place an order online, it goes straight to the press without anyone having to touch it. That way we can print even your complex, raised print in a matter of hours.

Working with schools

Having worked with schools and colleges for decades, we know how important it is for standards of presentation to be excellent, but at the same time how helpful it can be for a printer to be on hand to advise and to cut through the technicalities. With pressure to appeal to new parents and students, we are behind some of the most engaging prospectus and brochures. Our in house technology makes quality at every level a basic, while our friendly team can talk through all aspects of print and can set-up templates, as well as sending reminders  for you to submit material in a straight-forward format at the right dates in the school year for calenders, timetables and newsletters.

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