Using hand engraved metal dies, we produce exceptional, traditional lettering and images with an understated excellence.

Die-stamped print, also known as engraved, is the king of traditional print. The lettering or image is engraved with great skill into the surface of a metal plate, filled with ink, then pressed onto the surface of the paper, leaving a delicate finish which is subtly raised to the touch.

Why use die-stamping?

People love engraved stationery for many reasons: for the textured feel of the print; for the unique look of the die-stamping ink; or just for the knowledge that each letterhead was hand made by a craftsman with a rare skill. Engraved (or intaglio) print has been used commercially since the eighteenth century. The very fine detail and depth of colour makes it ideal for the most exquisite stationery and for the security printing of banknotes, as it is very difficult to replicate. Each colour needs its own die and the process can be repeated without ink to give a greater emboss.

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