Make your lettering and imagery stand out using this specialist process to give a third dimension to your print.

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Speed is all about efficient process, not flapping about. When you place an order online, it goes straight to the press without anyone having to touch it. That way we can print even your complex, raised print in a matter of hours.


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Daily, tracked deliveries all over the world, with the option of online payments.

Embossing creates a wonderful carved effect. Carfax uses traditional print machinery: a strong mechanical press pushes the paper into a hand-engraved metal die, which punches out the reverse image. The result is a bespoke paper sculpture.

Why use embossing?

If you’re looking to create a dramatic, three-dimensional effect, embossing is the way to raise the image in the paper. The embossed area can be printed with standard inks or foils for a coloured or metallic finish, or left blank so the 3D image speaks for itself. Embossing works best for large areas, such as logos or illustrations. For business, it’s a great way to project your identity; for personal stationery it offers a stamp of individual design. Embossed paper stands out from the crowd.

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