Foil Blocking

Experts in using gold, silver, copper foil finishes and traditional print methods to create print that shines out.

Foiling, also known as foil blocking, is a delicate and dramatic way to create impact with print. A raised metal die is engraved, with the reverse of the image. The foil is then laid over the die, which is heated and pressed to transfer the foil onto the sheet, to achieve a striking finish.

Why use foiling?

When print calls for a really impressive finish, foiling is one of the chief weapons in the printer’s arsenal. It’s often used for metallic gold and silver, but works equally well with white-coloured or clear foil which can produce a very beautiful, subtle image. The metallic or coloured foil replaces ink and works particularly well on a dark background, where standard ink colours might struggle to stand out. Foil can be deployed to great effect either on its own, or together with other print processes, such as digital, engraved or embossed.

It is also useful as a security feature, using holographic foil.

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