Spot UV

Spot UV is a modern technique, used to create a high gloss finish, which reflects the light. A coating is applied to the ink which is then ‘cured’ using ultra violet light.

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Speed is all about efficient process, not flapping about. When you place an order online, it goes straight to the press without anyone having to touch it. That way we can print even your complex, raised print in a matter of hours.

At Carfax, we use state of the art print enhancement technology to bring you the very best in inkjet varnish from Digital Spot UV to High Build Gloss & Raised Foils. Using the Scodix Ultra Pro we are now able to apply polymer directly to text or images with incredibly accuracy, thanks to the optical print alignment that registers every sheet to allow for any print movement or stretch. The effects are amazing and transform the ordinary into the extraordinary. Ask today what Carfax and Scodix can do for you. It is truly magical.

Jason Bristow
Sales Director

Spot UV is a modern technique, used to create a high gloss finish

If you want to highlight or draw attention to specific words or images on a page, then Spot UV gives you the control to pick out areas of text or logos. The process not only creates a shine finish, but it also gives a stand-out texture to the area selected. If you’re looking to embolden a headline or give another dimension to a logo or image, then Spot UV is one answer which Carfax can readily provide.

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