Dorset House School in the top class with Carfax

Carfax Print has been producing termly review and calendars for Dorset House School for a number of years. One of the oldest prep schools in the country, it shares with Carfax an ethos of being both traditional and forward-looking.

Understanding the needs of the school

Dorset House produces full-colour reviews of the school’s activities and its pupils’ achievements for each term, to send to parents and to distribute to interested parties, including prospective parents. It also prints calendars of up-coming school events.

Carfax is experienced at printing for schools and the Carfax staff understand the demands of the material required. They work with the school to ensure that they receive all the elements needed, in a workable format and at the right time to hit the all-important deadlines.

Presentation quality

The quality of printed material for the prep school has to be of the highest standard and Carfax provides both reviews and calendars with an excellent finish and an eye to detail. The material is produced at a cost-effective rate and to a strict budget.

Carfax staff are helpful and patient. They are accommodating when discussing deadlines which, typically for a school, can be very tight in terms of turnaround. When the design portion of a recent project took less time than was expected, they even reduced their quote!

Sarah O’Brien, Registrar, Dorset House