The standard way to put ink on paper in any volume.

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Speed is all about efficient process, not flapping about. When you place an order online, it goes straight to the press without anyone having to touch it. That way we can print even your complex, raised print in a matter of hours.


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Daily, tracked deliveries all over the world, with the option of online payments.

Pick and pack

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We print a few months supply and hold it in our warehouse, ready to send where and when you need it.

Litho print was commercialised in the 1960s, and replaced letterpress. Often known as "offset", as the plate leaves a reverse image on a blanket, which is then transferred to the paper. These extraordinary machines weigh many tonnes, and operate to tolerances of microns. Advances in automation and vegetable based ink allow the litho process lead the way into the 21st century.

Why use Litho?

Still the mainstay of the industry, litho presses use famously precise engineering to turn the alchemy of ink/water balance into a very fast and stable way to reproduce your image thousands of times.

Full colour litho is the ultimate optical illusion. Using small dots of just four colours (cyan, magenta, yellow and black), we fool our eyes into thinking we see the whole rainbow. But we also print in special Pantone© spot colours, which gives a much wider range of colours including metallics, fluorescents and pastels, and will maintain your brand identity colours precisely.

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