Environmental Policy and Statement

Environmental policy

We operate to the ISO 14001 environmental standard.

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Environmental statement

Carfax accepts that environmental matters constitute a prime responsibility of Management.
They are taken into account at all times together with Service, Quality, Manufacturing, Health and Safety and all other aspects of fundamental importance to our on going business strategy.

It is the policy of the company to comply fully with current environmental legislation and to plan ahead by actively participating in consultations regarding environmental documents circulated by legislative bodies or trade associations.

It is the duty of Managers, Supervisors and all employees to comply with this Policy and to actively seek ways of making improvements, both to the working environment and to the areas of wider responsibility.


This Policy works in conjunction with the Company Environmental Policy and includes the following requirements / objectives: –

1).  To control the effect on the environment of any discharges from our operations.

2).  To use materials and manufacturing products which are, so far as reasonably practicable, harmless.

3).  To contribute to the economies of use of materials and energy through improved design, increased efficiency, better process control, use of recyclable materials and good housekeeping.

4) To ensure that all disposal of waste products are firstly minimised and there after disposed of in the appropriate manner dictated by law.

5). This is attained by examining/controlling the companies operations under four main headings of:



The control of the three resources used within the Company is of prime importance.

(i)  Water
Consumption of process water is reduced greatly by good house keeping procedures as well as recycling when applicable.

(ii)  Gas
The main use being heating within the premises – this is controlled by improved heating insulation coupled with thermostatic timing controls.

(iii)  Electricity
Electricity is used to power the daily schedule. This is controlled by continual improvements to the existing system as well evaluation of energy saving devices on new purchases of equipment.


The three area of pollution are controlled as set out below: –

(i)  Air (Governed by the Environmental Health Officer).
Carfax Cards Ltd will comply with, or exceed, regulatory controls or codes of
practice where they are available. This is achieved by reducing ozone-depleting chemicals, if used at all, within the company. We will implement the BATNEEC technique (Best Available Technique Not Entailing Excessive Cost).

(ii)  Water (Governed by the National Rivers Authority).
We, as a company will monitor the drainage systems and improve where necessary working within the local authority’s guidelines and recommendations.

(iii)  Land (Governed By the EPA).
We, as a company do not use any processes, which give rise to land contamination. All Waste is handled by waste carriers and disposed of in registered land filled sites.


New Products and Development

Carfax Cards Ltd is mindful when using new materials/products of the recycling issue and therefore processes all waste that is deemed recyclable through a secure trade outlet.

All future and some current products are marked at manufacture with the recognised material identification symbols so as to aid recyclability.

Methods of Application
Three major types of recyclable materials are identified within the company.

  • Paper
  • Chemical
  • Material

Each of these classifications is therefore managed as a recyclable product and treated by a nominated agent working in that particular field of treatment. All products will conform to current legislation and disposal will be monitored as part of management and external consultantancy responsibilities.

Existing Products

Minimise Scrap
Manufacturing processes are set to achieve minimal scrap/waste and non-conforming parts during production.

All off-cuts and spoils produced during manufacture are either stored for future use or recycled through a registered processing centre. Every efforts is made to minimise this waste and thereby reduce this processing as a company/management target. Monthly levels are recorded and assessed on a regular basis.

Local Welfare

These areas are considered: – 

(i)  Operator Welfare
We strive to ensure that all chemicals used throughout the company are both harmless to our employees as well as to the environment when maintained correctly. Harmful chemicals are assessed under the COSH regulations and control measures implemented to suit both the COSH regulations and the Environmental Protection Act.

(ii)  Local Community Welfare
Our policy is to reduce the amount of air-borne particles prior to them being allowed into the atmosphere. This again is managed by the BATNEEC technique and in compliance with the Environmental Protection Act.

Noise levels are kept to a minimum to ensure compliance to Health and Safety standard as well as to avoid outside disturbance. Regular assessment is undertaken as part of the company H&S reviews by an external agency.

Site areas are monitored for both internal as well as external rubbish and addressed as required by nominated staff.


At all times Carfax will endeavour to maintain close links with the local authority’s environmental officers, discharge our corporate duties in a responsible and pro-active manner and work towards a cleaner and safer environment.